In untouched nature North of the Arctic Circle in Sweden, crystal clear water surfaces from a spring at the foot of Mount Hirvasåive. Before coming to surface the water passes through nature's own decades long cycle of cleansing, unchanged for thousands of years. The result is a unique natural mineral water containing very low quantities of dissolved particles and neutral pH-value.

The task was to create a brand for what is probably the purest mineral water on the market.


On the wordmark, the circle on top of the ‘Å’ is highlighted, and is then used throughout as a location marker; the location of the spring north of the Arctic Circle being a big factor in the unique purity of the water.
On the labels dotted lines indicate the latitude of the spring and the Arctic circle. The wordmark is not printed, but rather left transparent, as are some additional elements on the large bottles.
A multi-lingual website—Swedish, English and Chinese—was designed and built to introduce the product to its markets, and to detail how to stock it.
Graphics were created to visualise the purity of the water, as well as to communicate practical information such as delivery areas.